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History Has Repeted Vol. I

I Learned that the most difficult obstacle is the fear of telling the truth.


Pomona, CA.91766.



Ac History Has Repeated Vol. 1.hez


Cuba Was Visited 5-1

The First Thing a Gangulero------------------------------------12-13.

Treaty of  Marokutu -----14-16.

Treaties of the Fourteen Ways to Seven Rays--------------------17.

Sant Christ--------------------------------------------------------18-20.

This Religion----------------------------------------------------------21.

Siete Mpaca.(Sever Mpaca)-----------------------------------------22.

Ririako   dian   Marokutu  Mayombe   Kangalanga----------23-26.

Treaty of the Seven Marías-------------------------------------27-28.       The Treaty of Centella Ndoki-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29-31.             

     The Spiritual Caldero--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------32-33.

               Treaty of the twenty-one Roads of Lucero--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------34-35.

               Treaty to Mount an Gurufinda-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------36-37.

                 Work for a Person who goes into Surgery------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------38.

               WORK TO ATTRACT LOVE------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------39.

              HOW TO BUILD A NGANGA-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------40.

              TREATY TO SEPARATE DEATH FROM A PERSON---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------44.

              WORK TO SEPARATE TWO PERSONS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------45.

              WORK TO PROTECT YOUR HOUSE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------46.

              HOW TO PREPARE AN OMIERO DE PRENDA---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------47.

             WORK TO ATTRACT GOOD LUCK------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------48.

              Work to make somoBody Move out of your House--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------49.

              Work to have Good Luck With Your Businss---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------50.

              Work to avoid that your childres.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------51.

              WORK TO OBTAIN EMPLOYMENT----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------52.

              WORK FOR A COURT APPEARING---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------53.

              Work to keep Relatives from Interfering -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------54.

              WORK TO DEFEAT THE ENEMY-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------55.

              Work to Strengthen Masculine Sexual Impotence--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------56.

               Work to Save a hopeless Person From Death--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------57.

               Treaty to learn how to Prepare a Katiyembe-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------58-59.

               TREATY OF THE TWENTY-ON ZARABANDA-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------60-61.

              Treaty of the Twenty-one roads of Seven Rays------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------62.

               These are the animals utilized in the Briyumba con Mayombe-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------63.

               These arethe twenty-one Lucero Signatures----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------64-91.

               These Are the twenty-one Roads to Zarabanda---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------92-112:

     These Are the Twenty-one Signatures of Seven rays-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------113-141.

            Mothers Water), Born in Africa ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------142-149.

             Lean the languaje, Music, the Religion anda culture -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------150.


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A marielito in the Navel of the World Hawaii.
Mandatory Military Service
At 16 on May 12, 1964 , not me never forget while this live , I

grabbed conscription where I had to submit to the military committee 701 in the driveway Guines , winning 7 pesos a month, but as the head is to use it took me to drive 1700 artillery , but as I never liked watching anyone, as it was first called , had to do it all , remember me like now , I told a captain in that time was having lunch , after greeting militarily , I said good afternoon and much good captain , I can ask a question, answering me the captain of those captains who can not always give , he said, tell me you recruit answered him, I like the improvement, you believe that within their means , can give me the opportunity to pass the course drivers, contented , if the three p.m. see me in my office and that time for my long were made , I finally get zero hour and knock on the door of the office, I said if it comes boy with the voice of a military told me I 'm going to send to hill royal villa, for school bus drivers for a month, but this obligation I have to bring the driver's license, if you agree you control you but you stay here or on the unit , if you answer my captain bring the portfolio to manage.g of others , to feed lies, dirty , my ideas is to make a pedestal of greatness Religious clean and pure , so that the voice of our Ancestors, look up from the bowels of it.

False Religious may have greatness but never have religious ethics , but they do not like going to the truth , but not knowing mediocre .
The verb has no name on his purple wings , truth has no homeland , they do not, the visions of all those fake , they want to be crowned with dirty and cheap lies .


They are only believed by people of weak minds , who take refuge among them cowards, like those of themselves, which form a set of lost illusions, ie minds with gaps because your mind does not give you more to think about things that do not exist , make a childish mentality unexplained movie.went in 1980 for the road to Mosquito us.

                                               Entuala Kongo.

History Has Repeated Vol. # II

Of the Briyumba with Mayombe Religion


I may not be the best Mayombero of this decade, but I am the most complete one in the History, because I have put all my religious knowledge in the hands of your son in laws.

So that they will learn the true Briyumba without lies or tricks. I don’t care if jealous people criticized my wisdom.


Because a gangulero it’s not born one, he has to become one, and he is not ungrateful With he’s elders and has shame, and now it is a pleasure to share all my knowledge with you. In my investigations I have found a lot of documents, which were taken as “lost documents” in the “forgotten trunk”, and that is the reason History has repeated again. In all Religions there are rules and logic, and it is the fundamental base of all religions.You also learn by experience, and it’s always been the mother of science.


In my childhood I was always very curious, and I didn’t never pay attention of the old saying, “the curiosity killed the cat”, but there was always someone that was saved, and that was the mouse.



History Has Repeated Vol. # III


                             Index Value 3..



It is fascinated----------------------------------------------------5.

Preface-----------------------------------------------------------6 –7.

Patipemba of Brazo Fuerte-----------------------------------8-14.

Patipemba of Centella Ndo-------------------------------- –15-35.

Patipemba of Dambala--------------------------------------36-51. 

 Patipemba of Tiembla Tierra-------------------------------52-72.

Patipemba of Kuballende-------------------------------------------73-92.

Patipemba of Dambala---------------------------------------------------93-95.

The gurufinda of Zarabanda -------------------------------------------------96.

Work to Merry a Person----------------------------------------------- 97-98.

Treaty when you have a bad godson--- ----------------------------------99.

Treaty to prepare a Kundembata--------------------------------—100-107.

I dedication.---------------------------------------------------------------- 108.

I am Goingo----------------------------------------------------------------109.

The Signatures--------------------------------------------------------------110.

Treaty of the Mambos (songs of stick)----------------------------111-115.

The stick is a stick--------------------------------------------------- 116-118.

History has repeated------------------------------------------------- 119-121.

This are the Mambos of Lucero—---------------------------------122-128. 


                                                                               Work to Un-Tie a Person------------------------------------------------------136.

For the Enemies------------------------------------------------------ -----137.

To take someone out of Jail---------------------------------------------- 138.

To Un-tie any Work ----------------------------------------\-------------139.

To Join Two Person--------------------------------------------------------140.

To fight, when you have reasons-----------------------------------141-146.

Religious Alert--------------------------------------------------------147-148.

False religions------------------------------------------------------------- 149.


ISBN 978-0-9840827-6-6  








Sala Kiamboto.


Afro- Cuba.




Lean the languaje, Music, the Religion anda culture of the Congo people; From Professor Domingo B. Lage.

               “Preface” To all those false religious prophets, not only they lack the great knowledge,

       but also some ethics and wisdom, creation and the heroics in order to do there creation, with the confirmation of the wise man.

                   Instead they have the instinct to destroy and the faculty to criticized, and that is really there envy, that is why the most aggressive ones become critics.

      The critics are the enemy of the wise man.

         All of those that don’t ever went to a University become critics, they never could create something, they just want to destroy everybody,   and there small dirty mentality, and there sick visualization, are there to deform those atoms that are beautiful.

    The wise man plant on earth, in the form of he’s marvelous writings, in that god with grace of the lavish, that in it you hear the heart beats of the literal conscious, and the literal knowledge of the beautiful university.

          Nature has given the instinct to the critics for that thing, to hate the writer that knows.

                  Do the writers desperate the critics? That is the only comfort of there terrible lives, very sad. If there were any critics.

   Who would entertain the writer? the critic with out common sense?

               He is the monkey who make people laugh with he’s ignorant fables, and he is always hanging from he’s tail on the trees, sad is the envy, but we know that envy is the way of living of the in moral, it is also the worst thing of society, that many use as a shield to live as an in moral.  
There desperate lives are very important gestures, it is a way to protest against the wise man, very sincere, that perhaps if it wasn’t very despicable, and it could have been much moved. The critics do not forgive the intelligent, but they do live from others, there most great defect is not there lower ness, is there ungratefulness and there envy of not being able to do the same things, by what a critic is known? They are known by the celebrity that is under them. The wise man criticized: who 
 is the monkey? He who never had a moral thing on he’s adolescence, and he has spend all he’s childhood criticizing the wise man, that is called

  “envy”, and they are called false prophets, the veracity of the critics are ungrateful, like the parasites that are hidden in the stomach of those ignorant, they live by them, and they feed from them, they drink the blood from there bilis, but they remain as eternal insects, perhaps that is the reason of there own spite, of there own ignorance, spites make moral marks. The genius writer, the true writer, ignore he’s own time, or make a gesture in ignoring it, it is not in them, but it is above the envious people, or in front of them, they don’t follow, they are dominate this with there wisdom and he guides it, it is not the love of he’s time.

   The wise man announces him self and he also denounces him self, a stray person lives drowned in he’s silence, and he needs to be discovered. What distinguished the wise man from a envious person, is the will to triumph, what we can distinguished from meritocracy is the thirst of not knowing. To love ignorance is what distinguished a mediocre person, to obtain it is the definite consecration of an envious, that is why they love so much to claim, they are the typical voices and factor of the cheap celebrity.

          Why the mediocre have to complain if it is a point or a coma?

       There heads cannot give them more, can you imagine that?

      The loneliness for a writer is heaven, from the beginning of times.

       While everybody goes behind an event, he seems to go towards the disaster,

       when the mediocre are celebrating there easy triumph, the writer closes he’s fist to the hard victory,

                                  the false prophets want to acquire the celebrity. The wise man wants to have the immortality,

                      the envious people think in victory, only the sabilongo arrives to glory.

           I learned from the wise man, and not from the envious ignorant, because the ignorant and the analphabets don’t have anything to teach me,

              I know that many ignorant people criticized me, but what can I do?

               Since I am an arcaico man, they have criticized me in writing my first book, but the reality is like that,

I have never ask nothing from anybody, and not even nothing from these false religious prophets. Thank you very much. Entuala-Kongo.

History Has Repeated vol. III.


This little Dictonary.

This little dictionary is dedicated to my two treasures that I

have in my heart: Fancy Jackson Bueno and Leyland B. Bueno.

Muabenso geluande kitientanda, kankube tiremimbe tekente kiambetelu yolé gembelimbo iso aterelongo nomi salonyombe nchila, Fancy Jackson B.Leylane B. Baez.

And to all those people that wish the worst for me, I ask god that he will also multiply it.

Mayobe tekente turumina cualongone iso bunitolongo suangakembo tembula, timbo lambakumbo gonio Lutete iso gasukambre nuniambe mumio fimeyukembe.

You understand Briyumba the same way you write it, here you will find odd things in many words, because the mayombero have a very strong component, and I want to let all the readers and gangulerso about this. Thank you, African cat.



























I may not be the                              

History has Repeated Vol # V From the traditional African Religion The best things of us


Index Volume # V Entuala

 Introduction of History --------------------------------------------1-4.

The best things of my life-----------------------------------------5-7.


“Irete Meye”------------------------------------------------------11-13.

The smallest-------------------------------------------------------14-18.

Treaty of Bad Ndoki---------------------------------------------19-23.

The story of Ochanlaa-------------------------------------------24-26.

Attention my brothers-------------------------------------------27-29.


The religious lie--------------------------------------------------31-41.

“Treaty of the Retires Above Nganga”------------------------42-45.

Treaty of Obba and he’s love for Chango --------------------46-50.

Histories and powers------------------------------------------------51.

Treaty of the Guanabana----------------------------------------52-53.

The treaties of plants---------------------------------------------54-59.

Prepare bath to strengthen that relation-----------------------60-68.

The biography of my gr-----------------------------------------69-82.

The best things that we have------------------------------------83-85.

The power of the sticks------------------------------------------86-92.

An error of superficial readers-------------------------------------93.

The misteries of plants and its properties-------------------94-107.

“Works with the sticks”--------------------------------------------108.

The stick “I can more then you”----------------------------------109.

Work to defend yourself from the enemy-----------------------110.

Powder for Justice--------------------------------------------------111.

To defend yourself from the enemy------------------------------112.

When you want to close a path on a person---------------------113.

To take someone form Jail Powder------------------------------114.

To scare the police away from your house----------------------115.

Work with seven sticks for love----------------------------------116.

Two separate two persons----------------------=-----------------117.

Work with seven sticks for love----------------------------------118.

To separate two persons-------------------------------------------119.

Work for Love------------------------------------------------------120.

                                                                                                 Work when some one owes you----------------------------------121.

                                                                                                 The writer have the Musical Verbal cult------------------------122.

The plants belong to there designated----------------------123-126.

Letter for a friend---------------------------------------------127-132.

Baths and wash for health, money and love---------------133-140.

Ceremony for Father and Mother Nkisi-------------------------141.

Treaty of Gurufinda-------------------------------------------142-144.

Meeting and remembering an old friend--=---------------145-147.

History has Repeated Vol # V-------------------------------148-149.

Value V Copyright license------------------------# TX. 6-166-110.




                                    Find your Luck Now!


The Taurus Geranium plant


As preparing a fruit bomb (papaya)


A fruit very mature bomb


He/she intersects up for the part. 

writes the names of the enemies in an appearance paper.  

He/she throws bone powder of dead,


Wasp honeycomb,  

Brave ants,  

Earth of the cemetery,  

Black salt, 21 guinea peppers.  

21 pins or ajugas,  

Deer Rozadura,  

Cat hair, of dog,  

Sulfurate, oil I can more than tù,  

It loses direction,  

Stick powder Ramón,  

It changes voice, black kuava,


A little bit of viper oil,  

Powdered very spicy Chile,


if he/she has pictures they put on with the head down, he/she is tossed inside,  


Oil destructive,


Restless balm, 


Stick ashes, 


Red Precipitator, 





Liquor, fume of tobacco (pure), earth of a court, puts on up of the nganga and he/she is blown rum, he/she is given two gaallos and you area with 14 loads you fula (polvóra), areada is already once thrown in the enemy's door and resolved matter














Domingo B. Lage (Entuala Kongo the cat that sings).


Wet Cleansing (Rompimiento Mojado).


          Always using the signature (that solves)


           Wet Cleansing. (Omiero herbs). I want to clarify that this type of cleansing, the person male/female takes a bath with a fresh omiero batch.

     If it's  a woman, the Mother Nkisi takes charge in riping her clothes.

     The Tata or the Father Nkisi, waits outside for the Mother Nkisi to finish the cleansing.

        Once the woman is fully dressed, then the Tata enters again,

     so he can finish him/her by burning gun powder (Fula) on the floor right behind she is standing, this

    is done to frighten the dead (Nfumbe) of her body.


      The Father Nkisi or the Tata should never do a wet cleansing (rompimiento mojado) to any woman. 


          Finda (grass)                                                                           


      Corojo shortening. (Manteca de Corojo.                                  


           bee honey.




        tobacco (sunga.              




   For this type of work you may charge whatever you want, as long as all things are done right.are made well.

Domingo B. Lage (Entuala Kongo the cat that sings)



Domingo B. Lage (Entuala Kongo the cat that sings)


In six languages, Spanish, Ingles', Portuguese, France. Italian, German and soon in the Original Dialect in Bantue. Property Entuala Kongo. All books are in digital format (P.D.F)


                     With all due respect and without offending anyone.

The fact remains that the saint was born dead, but that gives you no right to deliver spiritualist necklaces spiritual Osha that is totally false, as spiritual warriors deliver that is a lie, much less be spiritual osha, that does not exist Rule of Osha.
  Let's put our cards on the table. Spiritualism is a very sacred thing, that now come to want to invent all these and so many things you hear out there. Nor is the rule of Palo spiritual cauldron, the only spiritual cauldron is the senagoga or spiritual table, Boveda or however you want to call.

  I make this clarification by the many inventions they want to do with religions and respect they deserve.

  Now another thing I want to make clear that no one can preparer his own vault, that the need to prepare an experienced Spiritualist, because in that vault does not have any spiritual foundation, ie calling you did to that Senagoga for they rest the good and bad spirits, I also want to clarify that the senagoga should not be any image or statue, and says the word spiritual and no trophy museum.
  Although the spiritualist born and not made, there is their spiritual ceremonies, why should bring to the letter. Remember that prior to spirit life had to be first.

  What we have to do each of us is put your finger on the Hundred and think that everything has a logic behind that nothing was done on a whim as have many who are so full of problems, if it costs nothing to do things right.

  Now I do not want to confuse the altar with the vault, because it is a very different thing, nor are they Santeria because they have an altar with statues are created as they are Santeria, if it was not for Kiniwua osha nothing.
  The Santero's Omo Osha because it has Coronado his Guardian Angel.
Thank you very much Omo Elewa Sunday. Olorun Awua.

          Visiten la Biblioteca de Entuala

Where you can enjoy musics and their books,

but hacas now be too late tomorrow.

        Attention my brothers

I am truly proud of being Cuban and being a marielito I tell in this country. I do not care what they say or what they mean. Sunday is my name and my surname Entuala Kongo. What these critics feel envious guyilangas is that my works are read worldwide, because they are translated into six languages. Tell me you puppets long tongues that you have done. Now I want to inform all honorable religious, I have to divert me from facebook, because thanks to nfumbes and move to another category, and I can not waste my time with these unhappy megalomaniacs. Since I never thought my writing was me carry that far, because Spain and Italy are interested in my work, as we say in my country, there is no worse cradle that suited, leaving not too few envious, so my friends can write me to my email;, I assure you that with time defense to all of my friends say goodbye Entuala Kongo. And bless me Elegua ok.

Viva cuba y Peru

La gran Historia de mundo cotemporaneao. Ese famoso Exodo de libertad, que quedo para la historia 1980

La Radio de Moreno Valley CA,

Libros Digitales

Yo soy cubano y salí de Cuba por Éxodo del Mariel Mayo 1980

I'm Cuban and left Cuba by Mariel Exodus.

Es decir soy un escritor Fruto del Mariel.

That is, I am a writer Fruit of Mariel.

Para mas informacion llame a los telefonos (760)265-9070  Gracias

Yo soy uno de ellos del Éxodo y con orgullo lo digo, Soy Marielito y qué.


I am one of Exodus and proudly tell you, I'm Marielito and what 

Que bonita es mi tierra que linda es.


How beautiful is my land is cute


Quien no recuerda ese gran Exodo de Cuba a Estados Unidos.

Que sello una historia para siempre. Y estoy Orgulloso que mis enemigos me sigan adorando como su Idolo

That seal a story forever. And I'm here because my enemies, I still like his idol worshiping

  1. Bueno con mucho orgullo lo digo; Soy un exiliado Mayombero cubano, de una familia humilde cubana, que vine a este pais a triunfar, porque este mundo es de los audaces y yo soy audas, por eso soy un Triunfador, llegue a este pais por exodo del Mariel el dia 1 de mayo 1980. Gracias a la Embajada del Peru en ese gran momento me extendieron la mano, donde me forje para cumplir mi sueno y jamas ser vencido escucha lo que te digo y poder escribir sin miedo, ya que en mi pais no lo podia hacer. En Cuba hay muchos como yo, que para demostrar su Talento tiene que salir de mi balla Cuba. Soy Domingo B. Lage; escritor & Investigador en religiones afo-cubana, con mas de cincuenta anos de experiencia en este campo, Ya he escrito mas veinte libros sobre la religión del Palo Mayombe, si quieren saber y ver mis obras visiten aquí. 

Gracias Peru por dejarme abrigarme con tu Bandera. Mil Gracias Peru

Eric el Kimbiza la yema ya, la mula ciega, el Boricua es hijo de (0SHEBARA) de Pandale, CA. La lengua de el Chapea caña cuidado

Falsos Amigos

Prefiero estar como mi gran amiga soledad, que tener amigos falsos.
Porque la soledad alimenta mis ideas literarias, mientras que los falsos amigos para mí son como el excremento de las sanguijuelas que no tienen ningún valor alguno.
Hoy me siento la persona más feliz de la tierra, porque ya mi literatura ya está en 27 Idiomas

Escuche la radio del momento. Solo de religion

Relanjese Profanos


                                                                                Cual es tu mala leche

Censurado en Cuba.




            Como dice Oshe Bara, Una lengua callada hace sabia la cabeza.

           El signo habla que la lengua es el azote del cuerpo. Si la persona es hombre y es hijo de Yemaya y tiene ese signo, la persona no vale nada.

          Hace de todo por dinero


 As Oshe Bara says, A quiet tongue makes the head wise.

The sign speaks that the tongue is the whip of the body. If the person is a man and is the son of Yemaya and has that sign, the person is worthless.

                       Do everything for money.

http; //

Mire el video y despues comenta

No solo como escritor, sino como espiritual

  • Tengo mas testimonias que adornan mi Carrera  como  escritor, sino con mas de cuarenta anos de experencia en la religion todo mi trabajo esta garantizado  les trabajo a las personas que tienen problema de justicia y estoy en contra de la injusticia problemas de muerto oscuro que no lo deja prosperar, el amor, no se compra el que se fue es porque nunca te quiso, ( la Libertad si) usted siente ruido en su casa se siente pasos sombras y no miras nada en su casa hay una mala vibracion Entuala tiene la solucion